Xu Hướng 3/2024 # Lost In A Peaceful Green Space In Vam Sat Can Gio Tourist Area # Top 10 Xem Nhiều

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Where is Vam Sat tourist area?

If on weekends or short vacations, you want to find somewhere to escape the noise of the city, this place will be ideal for you. The world’s biosphere reserve is located in Ly Nhon town – Can Gio district, about 40 km from Ho Chi Minh City, and contains countless interesting things for you to explore. With a diverse natural space of more than 75,000 hectares of mangrove forests, this place is a living space to conserve rare species of flora and fauna.

In operation since 2000, this place is considered as a green lung for sustainable development. Coming here, you can not only immerse yourself in true nature with mangrove forests, fall swamps, bird sanctuaries, … wild and peaceful. But Vam Sat tourist area is also a place for you to experience many entertainment activities to relax and temporarily away from the smog of the city. Before the immense green color of the earth and the forest is full of ecological nature, it will hold people’s feet until it is hard to leave.


What is Vam Sat tourist area?

Photo: @bchouu_ – By water : This is also a new experience for you to choose for your trip to Vam Sat Can Gio. Still moving to Binh Khanh ferry, then going to Dan Xay Bridge by going straight to Rung Sac Street. When you reach the foot of the bridge to meet the signboard to enter this ecological area, turn right. Going about 100 meters more, there will be a ticket station at the end of the road, buy tickets to canoe and from here you can start the journey to visit and explore the fascinating natural scenery here.Photo: @psydrphoto

With a large area and rich and diverse mangrove ecosystem coming here you will be able to visit and admire many types of flora and fauna with attractive life. Not only that, entertainment activities with games in harmony with nature are also a great plus point to attract you to this land.

Visiting Dam Doi

This is one of the interesting attractions that you visit first. Sitting on a small wooden boat, quietly drifting through the mangrove forests mixed with the fish sauce trees, full of peace, below is the blue water full of charm. The soil is mangrove, the bottom is mud but the water is not too deep, so you can see the patches of moss covering the surface. The swampy landscape in Vam Sat tourist area really makes anyone who is watching must fall in love.

In addition, the best thing about coming here is to see the large swarms of bats perched on the branches of the mangroves. They scatter for food at night, so daytime will be the time to sleep. Just be quiet and observe will see them lying close together for heating and alarming when needed. The bat has a very special meaning to the ecological environment because it can pollinate flowers, catch insects, … It looks strange black but looking closely will find it extremely interesting.Crab fishing is also an experience many people look forward to when coming to bat lagoon in Vam Sat forest resort . Stubby crabs lurk in their caves. How to catch them is not easy, must test your patience and dexterity. But don’t be discouraged because even catching one baby is enough for you to have a delicious nutritious meal. 

See bird sanctuary

Photo: @ phamhangtuyenkim171190

Coming to Vam Sat ecotourism area, the scenery of mangrove forests, the unique road covered in green is also a dreamlike and romantic background check in. Walk on a suspension bridge in the middle of the vast Southern colors, or climb up Tang Bong tower to see the whole scene from above, enjoy the tranquil countryside. On top of that, you can also see other animals such as flamboyant peacocks, star deer, deer, wild boar, … or play with mischievous little monkeys. This is the right place to stay away from the sun, avoid dust, and produce super beautiful pictures. 

Play games, camping picinic

Photo: @ _meow0601Photo: @_dgtravel_

As a tourist area, besides visiting nature, exciting ecological games also make the trip more interesting. A typical operation is sailing explore around on the water or boating basket toss, to participate in activities: planting mangroves, scoop ditch to fishing travel suspension bridge tricky, biking, … After infiltration When I’m tired, I can set up a tent, organize an overnight camping and prepare the food I have caught. In the midst of the fresh nature, getting up overnight in the middle of the birds chirping will be an interesting memory.

Enjoy rustic cuisine

Photo: @ phuongm5Photo: @@ ngochoa4788Photo: @padachalo

If you do not cook by yourself, the cuisine at Vam Sat tourist area also has a variety of delicious, home-grown dishes, caught on the spot for you to enjoy. The menu is full of attractive dishes such as steamed crabs, grilled oysters with onion oil, grilled mudfish with salt and chilli, spicy fried snails, grilled fish, … No need for elaborate processing to keep the natural sweetness, served with rice It is not easy to run out the whole pot, but it is just as good to make a delicious drink. 

Ticket price Vam Sat tourist area 

Cuisine in Can Gio is attractive with countless delicious dishes caught on the spot

– Entrance ticket price of tourist area is: 35,000 thousand VND / ticket / person.

– Fishing for crocodile: 40,000 thousand VND / person.

Visiting Dam Doi: 40,000 thousand VND / person.

Visiting Bird Sanctuary: 40,000 thousand VND / person.

– Slapping canals to catch fish: 550,000 thousand VND / Ditch for 4-6 people.

– Planting mangroves: 50,000 VND / person.

Photo: @ nhi.mb13

In addition, when traveling to Saigon to Vam Sat, you can buy a package tour with the price from 350,000 to 550,000 VND / ticket depending on the number of people, if you go in groups, it is even cheaper. With this ticket price you will be free of other services including:

– Admission ticket, boat to explore the mangrove forest in Can Gio.

– Take a boat to visit the bat sanctuary, walk through the forest.

– Recreational crab fishing, crocodile fishing, visiting crocodile farm, watching wild deer.

– Climb to Tang Bong tower to enjoy the scenery, take the suspension bridge, …

Note when visiting

Photo: @zuzuzuzukiPhoto: @ puvy99

– Bring sunscreen, mosquito repellent and remember to apply it fully before visiting or camping overnight in Vam Sat.

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Top 11 Most Famous Hotels In Can Tho Today

Vinpearl Hotel Can Tho

Located in a high-end hotel and commercial complex, 5-star standard of Vingroup in the western capital, Vinpearl Can Tho Hotel is a high-class project, a largest VIP resort in the center. of the Mekong Delta. Located in a prosperous location of the city with a sweeping view of the western and poetic western landscape, Vinpearl Can Tho is a prominent representative in the rapid development of modern and luxurious style. city ​​today. Being the tallest building in Can Tho with a total of 260 international quality rooms and perfect amenities, each room’s space promises to give visitors the most enjoyable and comfortable resort experience.

Vinpearl Hotel Can Tho is the first 5-star hotel in Tay Do. The hotel owns a prime location, with views of the bustling Can Tho city and peaceful Hau River. With internal multi-facilities such as an outdoor swimming pool, bar, rich cuisine, adjacent shopping center and trendy entertainment activities, top-class in the city, Vinpearl Hotel Can Tho is the destination & Impressive new symbol of this rich western land.

Outstanding features of the service of Vinpearl Can Tho hotel:

The rooms are designed classy and luxurious in the style of Asian architecture today, large area from 46 – 225 m2 each.

Provide comprehensive living facilities such as high-speed wifi, HD TV, mini bar, desk, shower tub, electronic safe, …

Enjoy the culinary quintessence of Vietnam and the world through a variety of dishes at Mekong Breeze restaurant on the first floor.

Delta Lobby Lounge coffee and pastry shop featuring quality sweets from highly skilled bakers.

Fun activities at Sunset Lounge and Pool Bar.

A restaurant dedicated to Bajial European and Asian cuisine on the 6th floor.

Relaxation and beauty services at Vincharm Spa.


Address: No. 209, Street 30/4, Xuan Khanh Ward, Ninh Kieu District, City. Can Tho

Hotline: (+84) 90 229 7586 – (+84) 90 220 7696

Vinpearl Hotel Can Tho

Vingroup Group 5-star hotel.

Muong Thanh Luxury Can Tho Hotel

Located in a prime location in the entertainment center in Con Cai Khe, Muong Thanh Luxury Can Tho Hotel was built in 2024, is the prelude to the conquest of the hospitality industry of Muong Thanh Group in Mekong River Delta. With the class standards of a 5-star hotel, Muong Thanh building has a total of 27 floors containing 300 luxurious rooms with full modern amenities to serve customers. In addition, the hotel is located right next to the romantic Hau River, each guest also has the opportunity to enjoy the panoramic beauty of the peaceful life of residents here and the majestic beauty of the most famous Can Tho bridge. is when night falls.

Outstanding features in the service of Muong Thanh Luxury Can Tho Hotel:

Bedroom has eye-catching design and large area, airy, full of living utensils.

Provides free WiFi connection service for all rooms and areas in the hotel.

Friendly service, enthusiasm and customer support 24/24.

Guests can enjoy Vietnamese – European – Asian delicacies while learning about culinary culture at the hotel’s Tay Do restaurant, especially the specialties of the West.

High-end entertainment and entertainment area such as swimming pool, gym, tennis court, karaoke room, bars, Cam Thi tea room, …

Owning large halls to serve the needs of organizing weddings and conferences.


Address: Area E1, Con Cai Khe, Ward Cai Khe, Ninh Kieu District, City. Can Tho.

Phone: 0292 3 688 888

Email: [email protected].

Muong Thanh Luxury Can Tho Hotel

5-star hotel with 300 modern rooms.


Victoria Can Tho Resort

One of the most famous and oldest hotels in Can Tho is Victoria Can Tho Resort – a romantic resort like a fairytale castle in the classic French style, located right on the Hau river. draw, which connects resorts and entertainment in the city center. Built in 1998, the hotel’s architecture is a wonderful blend of the traditional beauty of the South and the delicate aesthetic with classic European nuances.

In addition, the hotel surroundings are also decorated with colorful flower gardens, which attracts the hearts of tourists who stop at this place. With 92 luxuriously designed rooms in unique vintage architecture, Victoria Can Tho Resort promises to give each traveler a peaceful and enjoyable time in their journey to visit Tay Do.

In particular, the spa area in Victoria Can Tho with a total of 7 indoor and outdoor rooms amidst a lush green garden overlooking the river, offers a variety of massage treatments, exfoliating, facials, body and aesthetics, performed by professional Victorian skin therapists.

Outstanding features of the service of Victoria Can Tho Resort:

The rooms fully meet the 4-star hotel standards, spacious area, the furniture brings the peaceful and elegant beauty of the countryside.

Offering relaxation and wellness services with 7 modern massage rooms located in the gardens.

Providing authentic Vietnamese dishes and especially typical French cuisine at Spices restaurant with a capacity of 100 seats.

Enjoy delicious wines and relax at Kowloon bar.

Beauty services at Victoria Spa.

Diverse recreational activities: tennis courts, ping pong courts, terrain bikes, darts, …

Comprehensive 24/24 support service.

Enthusiastic, professional staff, capable of speaking many languages.

Organize sightseeing programs for visitors.

Providing modern, classy meeting and conference services.


Address: Con Cai Khe, Ward Cai Khe, District Ninh Kieu, City. Can Tho

Hotline: 1800 599 955

Phone: 0292 381 0111

Email: [email protected]

Victoria Can Tho Resort

Hotel rooms in Victoria have classic French style.


Iris Hotel

Located in the heart of Ninh Kieu district, opposite Xuan Khanh market, the 4-star Iris Hotel will be a great choice for sightseeing travel itineraries and business trips when coming to Can Tho. . As a high-class building with modern western style, the hotel has 73 rooms that are meticulously designed to every detail with a full range of living items, ensuring satisfaction for all customers. When coming to Iris Hotel , every traveler will have a great resort experience at a reasonable price.

Highlights of the service of Iris Hotel:

Including 6 types of standard and quality rooms are: VIP, Suite, Deluxe, Superior Excutive, Superior Premium, Superior.

The restaurant can accommodate 300 guests, serving typical and delicious European and Asian dishes.

Convenient entertainment and beauty system such as: Coffee Lounge, Sky Bar, karaoke, gym, spa, …

Professional and enthusiastic service style, 24/24 support.

Tour booking service for customers.

A good place to hold conferences with 1 large hall and 5 meeting rooms that can accommodate 50-300 guests.


Address: 224, 30/4 Street, Xuan Khanh Ward, Ninh Kieu District, City. Can Tho.

Hotline: 02923 686 969

Email: [email protected].

Conference room at Iris Can Tho hotel

4-star hotel in Western style.


Holiday One Hotel

With a sophisticated architectural style that perfectly combines classical and modern Western style, Holiday One hotel is also an optimal choice for guests to relax and relax after a trip. in Can Tho. The hotel space has 16 floors with 80 rooms designed and decorated in the form of luxury Penhouse – this is also the most prominent highlight in the overall architecture of the hotel. In addition, each room has a sophisticated and unique interior with a full range of amenities for daily activities.

Highlights of the service of Holiday One hotel:

Offering 6 types of rooms with spacious and comfortable area from 30 – 62 m2: Penhouse Suite, Palace Suite, Family Suite, Deluxe Connecting, Duluxe Twin, Superior Twin / Double.

The luxurious restaurant is designed on the mezzanine level, serving Western specialties and typical European dishes.

Modern recreational activities: Sky Bar, outdoor swimming pool, karaoke, …

Great relaxation service with 6 VIP massage rooms.

Provide a door-to-door service from the airport with a 7-seater luxury car.

Comprehensive customer support with enthusiastic and thoughtful service.

The ideal place to hold events with large hall with capacity of 100 people and modern facilities.


Address: No. 59 Pham Ngoc Thach Street, Cai Khe Ward, Ninh Kieu District, City. Can Tho

Hotline: 0909 44 37 37

Email: [email protected]

Holiday One Hotel Can Tho.

The hotel has 16 floors and 80 rooms of Penhouse.


Ninh Kieu Hotel 2

Located right at Hoa Binh Avenue, opposite Sense City commercial center, Ninh Kieu 2 Hotel is built in a very convenient location, in the middle of economic and cultural center of Can Tho city. With the standard of a 4-star hotel, this place not only provides optimal service but also makes it easy for visitors to access the busiest amusement parks and famous landmarks of the city. such as: Ninh Kieu wharf, Ong pagoda, pedestrian bridge, … The hotel space has a total of 108 rooms designed in modern style and decorated with high quality wooden furniture, ensuring full convenience. activities for visitors to resort here.

Outstanding features in the service of Ninh Kieu 2 hotel:

Providing 4 standard rooms (VIP Suite, Deluxe, Superior and Standard) equipped with amenities such as: 32 inch TV, high-end mattress, digital TV, water heater, shower tub, …

Offering delicious and unique culinary services in 2 VIP dining rooms and a restaurant accommodating from 200 to 400 guests.

Thoughtful, friendly, enthusiastic service to customers.

4-star standard leisure and entertainment activities such as: luxury bar, massage, spa, karaoke, …

Organize corporate conferences and events with a hall that holds 100-180 people.

Address : No. 03, Hoa Binh Avenue, Tan An Ward, Ninh Kieu District, City. Can Tho.

Phone: + 84.2923.789 777

Email: [email protected]

Ninh Kieu 2 Hotel Can Tho.

4 star hotel with luxurious wooden interior design


Van Phat Riverside Hotel

Located in Con Khuong – the famous garden tourist destination of Can Tho, Van Phat Riverside hotel with 4-star standard and architectural style combines two luxurious Asian and European cultures, is a geographical location. thought to both relax and convenient for sightseeing around the Hau river. With a total of 89 rooms with modern and convenient design, when guests rest here also have the opportunity to fully enjoy the beauty of Can Tho river because all rooms have views of the romantic Hau River romantic. With the nickname “floating castle”, Van Phat Riverside hotel is chosen by many tourists when visiting Con Khuong Can Tho tourism.

Outstanding features of the service of Van Phat Riverside hotel:

Providing 3 main types of rooms are: Suite River View, Dulex River View, Superior City View. Each room has a spacious area of ​​about 45 m2.

Breakfast and food are served in the room.

Thuy Ta Restaurant has Asian European style, serving delicious dishes of the southwestern region, especially grilled dishes.

Provide diversified and modern entertainment services such as gym, spa room, yacht, children’s play area, swimming pool, karaoke, …

Center for wedding and event, conference with a large hall capacity of up to 700 guests and modern and abundant technical equipment.

Enthusiastic and professional service manner.


Address: No. 02, Nguyen Van Cu (Con Khuong), Cai Khe Ward, Ninh Kieu District, City. Can Tho

Hotline: 02923 645 645

Email: [email protected]

Van Phat Riverside Hotel Can Tho.

4-star hotel style Asia – Europe.


TTC Hotel – Premium Can Tho

With a favorable geographical position to help visitors admire and enjoy the full beauty of Ninh Kieu wharf, TTC Hotel – Premium Can Tho has 10 floors and has eye-catching and luxurious design This is a great place for each traveler to travel and work here. The hotel space has a total of 107 rooms with modern design and comprehensive living facilities, guests will surely have the most comfortable resort experience with the guarantee of quality service from the team. professional and friendly staff.

Highlights of the service of the hotel TTC Hotel – Premium Can Tho:

Providing 5 types of accommodation are: Deluxe City View, Deluxe River View, Premium Suite, TTC Suite, President Suite. The area is from 31 – 95.3 m2 per room.

Serving European – Asian dishes, especially western garden cuisine at Gold restaurant can accommodate 250 guests.

Entertainment activities in areas such as: Windy Coffee, Lobby Bar, swimming pool, discotheque, karaoke and massage, …

Providing international quality event management services, main conference rooms can accommodate 350 guests and other rooms from 20-70 guests. State-of-the-art equipment is regularly updated.

Pick up and drop off guests from the airport.

Tour booking and support services for tourists in Can Tho.


Address: No. 02, Hai Ba Trung Street, Tan An Ward, Ninh Kieu District, City. Can Tho

Phone: 02923 812 210

Email: [email protected]

TTC Hotel lobby – Premium Can Tho.

Hotel TTC Hotel – Premium


Kim Tho Hotel

As one of the famous and quality hotels in Can Tho city, Kim Tho Hotel carries its own slogan “Kim Tho Hotel – Hotel of a Poem” (Kim Tho Hotel – Hotel of Poem). With a prime location, convenient location, located in the heart of the city, close to Ninh Kieu wharf as well as many other famous tourist destinations, Kim Tho hotel attracts a large number of tourists who choose to stay here. stay, rest. The special thing at Kim Tho hotelThat is the hotel with views (views), beautiful scenery, including city view, river, pedestrian bridge, can see the city center from above as well as nearby tourist attractions. At the same time, the quality of service provided to customers here is closely monitored, ensuring quality. That is one of the factors that create the competition as well as the attraction for Kim Tho hotel .

Highlights of the service of Kim Tho Hotel:

International standard 3-star hotel with modern and comfortable facilities.

Including 12 floors with 52 bedrooms, luxury restaurants with European and Asian dishes, Western specialties, café bar (ground floor and rooftop), conference room.

Diverse additional services such as massage, sauna, jacuzzi, laundry, … with guaranteed quality.

Attentive and professional staff in service.

Green and clean in living space.

Reasonable and affordable prices (including buffet breakfast, free tea, water, …)

Tour booking and support services for tourists in Can Tho.


Address: No. 1A Ngo Gia Tu Street, Tan An Ward, Ninh Kieu District, Can Tho City

Phone: (0292) 3817 517 – 02923 222 7979

Kim Tho Hotel

Rooms at Kim Tho hotel


Ninh Kieu Riverside Hotel

The next name in the list of the most famous and best quality hotels in Can Tho today is Ninh Kieu Riverside Hotel . Founded in 1994 and operating until now, Ninh Kieu Riverside has received many appreciation from customers because of its comfortable facilities, clean, modern rooms and attentive service attitude. unique. If you have the opportunity to travel to Can Tho, Ninh Kieu Riverside will be one of the suitable options for you because the quality of service is guaranteed here. Located in a prime location right at Ninh Kieu wharf, you can easily move to nearby tourist destinations quickly.

Outstanding features in the service of Ninh Kieu Riverside Hotel:

4-star international standard hotel with modern and convenient infrastructure.

The hotel has 162 rooms designed over 70% with views of the Hau River, Can Tho Bridge and Con Au.

Diversified services include: accommodation, restaurants, restaurants on cruise ships; conferences, wedding parties; skybar, …

Luxurious and classy design, bringing comfort to customers.

Staff with high expertise, professionalism, dedicated service.

There are promotions for special occasions.


Address : No. 2, Hai Ba Trung, Ninh Kieu, Can Tho city

Phone: 02923 789 789 (receptionist); 02923 868 777 (Sales department)

Email: [email protected]

Ninh Kieu Riverside Hotel

Ninh Kieu Riverside Hotel Room


Azerai Can Tho Resort

The last name in the list of the most famous and best quality hotels in Can Tho is Azerai Can Tho Resort . Built on an island separate with lakes, canals and mangroves, Azerai Can Tho offers a unique island resort experience. At the same time, the facilities and services here are guaranteed with quality standards, giving you a very comfortable stay. Coming to Azerai Can Tho , you will be indulged in a quiet, peaceful but no less luxurious and delicate space. The rooms at Azerai are designed in pairs of separate open rooms, with large bathrooms and terraces to enjoy views.

Highlights of the service of Azerai Can Tho Resort:

Infrastructure system, infrastructure is invested in a modern, luxurious manner, bringing comfort to customers.

All rooms are decorated with neutral tones, using natural materials such as wood and rattan, giving customers a new feeling.

WIFI, TV, mini-bar and air-conditioning are fully equipped.

Enthusiastic and dedicated staff with high expertise.

Diversified services with guaranteed quality, showing class and luxury.


Address: Con Au, Cai Rang, Can Tho

Phone: 0292 3627 888

Azerai Can Tho Resort

Azerai Can Tho luxury resort

Above is a list of famous and quality hotels in Can Tho. Hopefully the above article will help you with your travel or business.

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Tourists Can Now Enjoy Tet 2023 Fun Places In Hanoi

Hanoi – The capital of our country, Hanoi attracts tourists by countless ideal places to have fun, especially during the Lunar New Year. Do not hesitate any longer without us just name the place to have fun Tet 2023 in Hanoi right now!

The places to enjoy Tet 2023 in Hanoi cannot be missed! Guom Lake Walking Street – Ngoc Son Temple

Known as the largest pedestrian street in the country, Hanoi Walking Streetis one of the places to enjoy Tet 2023 in Hanoi that should not be missed! At Hoan Kiem Lake pedestrian street there are countless bustling Tet activities. 

Ancient city of Hanoi

Guom Lake Walking Street – Ngoc Son Temple You can come here to walk around the lake, enjoy the Tet atmosphere “touching your hands” on every small alley of Hanoi, take great springtime photos at this place or visit the folk games, visit Dinh Le Book Street, visit Ngoc Son Temple, the famous golden The Huc bridge, … It is interesting, isn’t it!You can come here to walk around the lake, enjoy the Tet atmosphere that is “touching your hands” on every small alley of Hanoi.

Speaking of Tet in Hanoi, where is the best place to travel spring? Definitely Hanoi Old Quarter ! With the streets stretching from the West to the North of Hoan Kiem Lake, 36 streets are 36 interesting New Year holidays, you can clearly feel the Tet atmosphere coming very close on each small alley and You can also admire the many outstanding goods of that street!

St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Hanoi

With the streets stretching from the West to the North of Hoan Kiem Lake, 36 streets are 36 interesting New Year chúng tôi can clearly feel the Tet atmosphere approaching on each small alley and also admire the many outstanding products of that street! Coming to the old town, do not forget to enjoy the dishes here – the most unique cuisine in Hanoi such as Pho Bat Dan, La Vong fish ball, Bun cha Hang Mang, O Quan Chuong cold vermicelli, Dinh Liet noodle , …The Tet atmosphere seems to cover every corner in Hanoi!

Hanoi Cathedral is not only a familiar place for young people but also one of the places to enjoy Tet 2023 in Hanoi . The cathedral is designed in the style of medieval Gothic European architecture with mossy high walls covering the classic but still extremely majestic. 

Quoc Tu Giam Temple 

Hanoi Cathedral is not only a familiar place for young people but also one of the places to enjoy Tet 2023 in Hanoi. Inside the church, the palaces are meticulously engraved with golden vermilion wood along with unique stained-glass Saint paintings. Come here, you feel like you are standing in the middle of an old castle! This Tet, do not miss the spring trip to the cathedral to have a wonderful experience and sparkling virtual life pictures here!This Tet, do not miss the spring trip to the cathedral to have a wonderful experience and sparkling virtual life pictures here!

Referring to Hanoi 4000 years of civilization, it is impossible not to mention the name Van Mieu Quoc Tu Giam ! Not only that, this is also one of the most attractive Tet 2023 places in Hanoi ! Van Mieu is a place with extremely unique architecture, a symbol of knowledge, of Vietnamese Education! This place is dedicated to the ancestor of the Holy Tien, the Confucian and Tu Tu Giam Chu Van An – the eminent teacher of Vietnamese education! 

Dong Xuan market

Referring to Hanoi 4000 years of civilization, it is impossible not to mention the name Van Mieu Quoc Tu Giam! Every Tet holiday comes, the slave comes here eagerly to wish himself and his descendants to have valuable lessons and success on their way of studying! In particular, on the occasion of Tet 2023, Van Mieu also has many old men writing the words for the words! Come here to explore and have for yourself the red couplets hanging in your family during Tet, what’s better than that?Coming here to explore and have for yourself the red couplets hanging during the New Year in the family, what better way is it?

Dong Xuan Market is known as one of the largest markets in Hanoi . Every Tet comes, at the market, there are many items sold from food, garments to utensils for Tet! Visiting the market, the Tet atmosphere seems to fill every corner. 

Dong Xuan Market is known as one of the largest markets in Hanoi.

Because this is a wholesale market, most items are very cheap, if your family is missing anything before Tet, visit the market to buy right away! Or you can also buy for relatives and family countless interesting souvenirs at the market! As expected, it is one of the places to have fun Tet 2023 in Hanoi !

West Lake

Referring to the fun Tet 2023 places in Hanoi , you cannot miss the name West Lake! West Lake is known as one of the very famous landmarks in the capital. Surrounding the lake are lined with poetic trees and an extremely ideal meeting place for many young people.

Aeon Mall Ha Dong – Aeon Mall Long Bien

Referring to the fun Tet 2023 places in Hanoi, you cannot miss the name West Lake! Coming here, you can visit Phu Tay Ho – Tran Quoc Pagoda, walk around the lake to get the Tet atmosphere nearby, or stop by Ho Tay ice cream or enjoy other folk dishes like iced tea. , grilled chicken legs, Ho Tay shrimp cake, …Take a walk around the lake to get the Tet atmosphere nearby, or stop by to eat the West Lake ice cream or enjoy the rustic dishes.

As one of the biggest shopping malls in Hanoi, Aeon Mall Ha Dong and Aeon Mall Long Bien are also one of the fun Tet 2023 places in Hanoi ! Coming here, you can enjoy shopping, eating and playing attractive games. With a spacious and airy space, convenient to move and not too far from the center, these 2 centers are the ideal destination for relaxing weekends and Tet holidays!

Bao Son Paradise

Aeon Mall Ha Dong – Aeon Mall Long BienAs one of the biggest shopping malls in Hanoi, Aeon Mall Ha Dong and Aeon Mall Long Bien are also one of the fun Tet 2023 places in Hanoi!

Bao Son paradise is one of the attractive New Year 2023 fun places in Hanoi, especially suitable for families with children! With a combination of many different amusement parks from the traditional craft village to the game world or the Aquarium and the Water Park, all are available in Bao Son Paradise.

Bao Son Paradise is one of the attractive places to have fun Tet 2023 in Hanoi

This amusement park is a “completely underwater” world, when you come here to visit, you will be walking in a glass cage surrounded by an immense “ocean” with countless species of creatures. Different from seahorses, dolphins, rays and even sharks, whales, … In addition, at the Safari complex you can also see wildlife such as bears, elephants, giraffes. , tigers, lions, …

Royal City

Royal City is one of the very famous underground commercial and entertainment centers in the heart of Hanoi. If you do not know where to go this Tet holiday, Royal City is the ideal destination with family and relatives to experience it! With its unique architecture and European-style construction, you will be overwhelmed by the scenery here!

If you do not know where to go this Tet holiday, Royal City is the ideal destination with family and relatives to experience it!

Tet comes, the center has a multitude of shopping and entertainment programs that you should not miss such as Vincom Ice Rink, Dream Games, Bowling Alley, … Come here, don’t forget to enjoy the unique dishes at the culinary village! Promises to satisfy your hungry stomach!

Vinpearl Aquarium Times City

Where is this Tet going? Visit the Aquarium at Times City now! With an area of ​​more than 4,000 square meters with thousands of species, more than 30,000 species of fish, the aquarium experience at Times City during this Tet holiday will definitely make you surprised! With a lot of different amusement parks that the whole family can experience such as VinKE Educational Amusement Park, Vinpearlland Times City Aquarium, … promises you will have a memorable Tet with your relatives and family. my family!

Bat Trang pottery village

There are many different amusement parks that the whole family can experience such as VinKE Educational Amusement Park, Vinpearlland Times City Aquarium, … In addition to the above shopping centers, you can also visit a myriad of other equally attractive attractions such as Vincom Nguyen Chi Thanh, Vincom Pham Ngoc Thach, Vincom Ba Trieu, Indochina Plaza, Trang Tien Plaza, The Garden, …Vincom Nguyen Chi Thanh

Referring to the fun Tet 2023 places in Hanoi , the pottery village of Bat Trang cannot be missed. This place is about 10km from the city center, coming here you will be able to experience for yourself what it is like to directly knead, mold and make a ceramic product! 

Coffee shops, restaurants, cinemas in Hanoi!

Bat Trang pottery village In addition, you can also visit Bat Trang market to visit and buy for your family quality ceramic products to decorate and use during this Tet holiday! In particular, every Tet comes like this, in the pottery village there will be many interesting cultural experiences that you can participate in!In particular, every Tet comes like this, in the pottery village there will be many interesting cultural experiences that you can participate in!

Tet is usually a holiday for most people, but don’t worry in Hanoi, most cafes, restaurants or movie theaters are open to meet the needs of customers.

A holiday does not need to be fussy, having coffee with friends or enjoying light and simple dishes with relatives, enjoying deep New Year movies to be able to have a memorable 2023 Tet !

Tet is usually a holiday for most people, but don’t worry in Hanoi, most cafes, restaurants or movie theaters are open to meet the needs of customers! Restaurants, cafes or movie theaters are all extremely brightly decorated to welcome the coming of New Year 2023! Don’t forget to take your commemorative photos and show us off below!Don’t forget to take your commemorative photos and show us off below!

With the top places to enjoy Tet 2023 in Hanoi that we just mentioned above, you should not have to worry about where this Tet holiday has to go, right? Wish you and your family will have a wonderful New Year and full of fun! Happy New Year 2023!

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The Most Prestigious And Cheapest Tourist Car Rental Address In Binh Duong

Address for car rental in Binh Duong: motorbike

The first is tourist car rental addresses in Binh Duong with new models of motorbikes, quiet cars, and super good car rental prices. Take a look at the following:

1. Rent a motorbike in Ben Cat

– Address: House No. 34, Lot F2, NA3 Avenue, My Phuoc 2 Urban Area, Chanh Phu Hoa Ward, My Phuoc TT, Binh Duong

– Phone: 0906 305 234

Renting a motorbike in Ben Cat Binh Duong is the address chosen by many customers when renting a tourist car with new vehicles and a variety of brands for you to choose from. Car rental prices range from 100,000 VND for digital cars and 200,000 VND for scooters. The procedure for renting a car is simple, you just need a citizen ID, passport and driving license. In particular, when renting a car, you do not need to deposit money.

2. Rent a motorbike Luong Van Hieu

Prestigious Ben Cat motorbike rental in Binh Duong

– Address: Area 5, Phu Hoa, Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong

– Phone: 0867 955 569

Renting a motorbike in Binh Duong, you can refer to Luong Van Hieu’s address in Thu Dau Mot. The shop rents many new models of cars, especially sports cars such as Exciter, AB. Or elegant and gentle cars like Lead and Vision. When customers rent a car in large quantities, they will receive a discount on the price. Motorbike rental Luong Van Hieu can receive delivery at the bus station, hotel or other places that customers want.

3. Bao Long motorbike rental

Rent motorbike Luong Van Hieu and receive free delivery

– Address: Hanoi Highway, Dong Hoa, Di An, Binh Duong

– Phone: 090 450 39 60

The next cheap tourist car rental address in Binh Duong that you can refer to is Bao Long on Hanoi highway in Di An. It is a reputable address with free car delivery service to the place. Bao Long motorbike rental often has many price incentives for customers when renting for many days with 10% or renting by month. Car rental prices range from 90,000 to 150,000 VND. The plus point when renting a car in Bao Long is that there is no need to deposit money, the procedure is simple and only needs a passport, identity card and driver’s license.

4. Lam Phat motorbike rental

Prestigious Bao Long motorbike rental, good price

– Address: 264/35/21A Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Thu Dau Mot

– Phone: 091 830 74 88

5. Motorbike rental Nguyen Van Phuoc

Renting a motorbike in Lam Phat is chosen by many customers

– Address: 24/3, Quarter 6, Hiep Thanh Ward, Hiep Thanh, Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong

– Phone: 093 591 43 59

Motorbike rental Nguyen Van Phuoc rents motorbikes with a large number of 150cc Exciter, Winner… Each type of vehicle is accompanied by a warranty paper and is delivered free of charge at the request of the customer. Car rental price is from 100,000 to 180,000 VND. Choosing a tourist car rental service in Binh Duong at Nguyen Van Phuoc store, you are completely assured of its credibility with full documents and contracts.

Rent a prestigious Binh Duong tourist car 

Motorbike rental Nguyen Van Phuoc is trusted by customers

To rent a reputable, good price tourist car in Binh Duong, you can refer to the following addresses:

1. Car rental Anh Binh Minh 

– Address: 223/2, 1B Quarter, An Phu, Thuan An, Binh Duong

– Phone: 0967.151.689 – 0978.832.727

Car rental Anh Binh Minh specializes in providing reputable car rental services to districts in Binh Duong with good prices. Customers will be able to choose quality cars of famous brands such as: Toyota, Vinfast, Hyundai… Depending on their travel needs, visitors can choose 4-seater, 7-seater, 16-seat or 29-seat car. and 45 seats. Anh Binh Minh car rental has the best price on the market, without intermediaries and with a clear car rental contract.

2. Cargo Cargo Binh Duong

Car rental Anh Binh Minh has a variety of new car models

– Address: cell 53, 22 December street, An Phu ward, Thuan An city, Binh Duong province

– Phone: 0979.959.819 – 0967.698.034

Binh Duong tourist car rental you can refer to Cargo Binh Duong car rental in Thuan An is a prestigious address chosen by many customers. Cargo rental car Binh Duong self-drive car rental, car with driver when traveling, business, wedding… Visitors can choose from 4 – 7 – 16 – 22 – 29 – 45 seats. All are new cars, regularly maintained periodically to ensure the safety of your trip.

3. Duc Khang car rental 

Cargo Binh Duong car rental prestige and quality

– Address: 19 Nguyen tri Phuong, Binh Minh 2 Quarter, Di An Ward, Di An City, Binh Duong Province

– Phone: 0975.782.066 – 0948.354.160 VND

Duc Khang car rental specializes in providing prestigious tourist car rental services in Binh Duong with new models such as: Toyota Vios, Honda City TOP car, Captiva 2023 car … with luxurious designs. Vehicles are fully equipped with amenities and are regularly maintained to ensure safety. Renting a car in Duc Khang has competitive prices, many new models, clear contracts, quick procedures… Therefore, you can rest assured when renting motorbikes in Duc Khang.

4. Hong Vu Company

Car rental Duc Khang provides self-driving car service

– Address: No. 77, Huynh Thi Tuoi Street, Di An Town, Binh Duong Province

– Phone number: 0931 227 771 – 0986 343 737

The next tourist car rental address in Binh Duong that you can refer to is Hong Vu company in Di An. The company provides a variety of vehicles from 4 to 45 seats, meeting all the transportation needs of customers. With a clear car rental contract, a new car and a staff who are always available 24/24 will help you choose the best quality car.

5. Thanh Phong Company

Hong Vu Company is chosen by many customers

– Address: Social Housing, Dinh Hoa Ward, New City, Binh Duong Province

– Phone number: 0965 049 829 – 0985 480 639 – 0916 784 447

Car rental at Thanh Phong company specializes in self-driving car rental for individuals, families, businesses… with new models of cars. All vehicles at Thanh Phong are periodically checked to ensure safety and no damage. Self-drive car rental in Thanh Phong with wedding, travel, business, home visit services… Price is only from 1 million VND/car.

Thanh Phong Company provides many new models of cars

Hopefully, the above suggestions about tourist car rental services in Binh Duong will help you choose for yourself the best car rental address to freely explore the beautiful scenery when traveling to Binh Duong!

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Discover Hue Citadel – The Number 1 Tourist Destination In The Ancient Capital

Where is Hue city?

Hue Citadel also known as Thuan Hoa Kinh Thanh is an ancient citadel located in the ancient capital of Hue. This is the seat of the Nguyen Dynasty for 143 years from 1802 to 1945.

Hue Citadel is one of the relics belonging to the system of cultural heritage of the ancient capital of Hue, including the Complex of Hue Ancient Monuments, Hue Royal Court Music, Nguyen Dynasty Wood, Nguyen Dynasty Chau and Poetry System. on Hue imperial architecture … In 1993, the Complex of Hue Monuments was recognized by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage.

How to move to Hue Citadel

Vietnam also has Hue Citadel ‘luxurious in every step’, a world cultural heritage (recognized by UNESCO).

You can move to Hue Citadel by many different means as follows.

Airplanes are the fastest way to get to Hue among the vehicles available.

From Tan Son Nhat Airport – Ho Chi Minh City to Phu Bai Airport (Hue) only takes 30 minutes. Ticket price is about 400,000 VND / way

From Noi Bai airport – Hanoi to Hue Phu Bai airport only 1 hour, ticket price from 750,000 VND / time.

Phu Bai Airport is located only about 15m from Hue Citadel, so visitors can choose two convenient ways to travel: take a taxi or airport transfer.

Hue Citadel is famous for being the most intact royal relic in Vietnam.

By bus:

From Hanoi to Hue, you should choose some famous and reputable car manufacturers such as Hoang Long, Cemal Trevel with prices ranging from only VND 250,000 / time / person to VND 350,000 / person / person.

If you go from Ho Chi Minh City, you should choose some popular car manufacturers such as Tam Minh Phuong, Tam Duc, Hoang Long, with prices from only 400,000 VND / person / one way to 650,000 VND / person / time.

From Da Nang to Hue is very close, so you can easily choose many vehicles to move. The price is only from 80,000 VND / person / one way to 180,000 VND / person / time depending on the type of vehicle.

History of Hue Citadel

In 1802, after King Nguyen Phuc Anh was crowned emperor, he chose Hue as the seat of the capital. This place has beautiful feng-shui, charming water painting with the flowing Huong River, the previous citadel is Ngu Binh mountain.

Hue Citadel has a beautiful location surrounded by the Perfume River surrounded by mountains.

Hue Citadel was built in 1805 under the reign of King Gia Long, lasting nearly 30 years until the reign of Emperor Minh Mang. This is an almost square citadel, each side about 2.5km from the top, curving in the front of the Huong River section flowing through the front of the citadel.

Inside the Hue Citadel, there was a smaller citadel, also known as the Imperial Citadel – a citadel with the front and back sides measuring 622m in length, 604m on both sides. This is where the important organs of the court are located. The innermost Forbidden City – 324m long front and back, 290m on both sides – is the main residence of the royal family.

Hue Citadel is known as the first capital city of Vietnam.

The Imperial City of Hue lies between the two sides, Con Hen and Con Da Vien, which left the left of Thanh Long and the right side of Bach Ho, creating a posture of a dragon of admiration. Besides, a stretch of Huong River flows through two curved islets like a bow with the meaning of bringing vitality to the City.

Over the years of ups and downs, Hue Citadel has become one of the largest and most massive architectural works. Going through the two kings’ generations, the new city has the same shape and shape as today.

Architecture of Hue Citadel

Hue Citadel is an architectural work with a large space, an area of ​​about 520 hectares and the most important position of the Nguyen Dynasty. Currently, Hue imperial capital still retains a lot of architectural works, temples, palaces with outstanding cultural and architectural value.

Hue Citadel is a place to preserve the once splendid golden feudal architecture. Hue Citadel was built right on the banks of the romantic Perfume River, facing the South. The Imperial City and Forbidden City also turned to the South (meaning ruling over the whole world).Going to Hue without visiting the Imperial City, without going to Dai Noi is no different from going to Hanoi without going to the Lake shore.

The Imperial City’s outer ring has a circumference of nearly 10km, a height of about 6.6m, and a length of 21m including equally arranged works. Outside the citadel, there is a system of trenches covering, river and canal system functions to protect and function waterways.

The citadel has 10 main doors, namely North Main gate, Northwest gate, Southwest gate, Chinh Nam gate, Quang Duc gate, The Nhon gate, Southeast gate, Chinh Dong gate and Northeast gate. There is also an auxiliary door to Tran Binh Dai.

Monuments are in Hue Citadel Forbidden City

As the innermost citadel of the Citadel, it is the living place of the King and Royal Family. The citadel was built in 1804, has a rectangle with the north and south sides, 341m long, the east and west creeks 308m long, the circumference of 1298m including 50 large and small works and 7 doors.

Imperial Citadel

Hue Imperial Citadel has more than 100 works completed by the reign of Emperor Minh Mang in 1833.

The Imperial Citadel is also known as the second citadel of Hue Citadel , this is the residence of the king and the royal family, and also the workplace of the feudal court. Hoang Thanh has an important position and significance in the Citadel because it is also a place to worship ancestors and the Nguyen Kings. Inside Hoang Thanh, there is also Thai Hoa Palace, which is the place where the court is lost and the area of ​​shrines.

Thai Hoa palace

Thai Hoa Palace is located in the Hoang Thanh – Dai Noi Hue area, the coronation place of the Nguyen Dynasty king. This palace is considered the center of the imperial city of Hue, also the center of the country, as a symbol of power of the once majestic Nguyen Dynasty. The palace, along with the courtyard, were the two sites used for important court ceremonies in the old days.

Ngo Mon Gate

In the Thai Hoa Palace, there is still a throne of the Nguyen dynasty.

Ngo Mon Gate is the main gate of the Imperial City, located south of the Imperial City of Hue . From a distance, the Imperial Citadel of Hue is like a magnificent castle, but it is also very close, in harmony with the natural landscape and soul, bearing the feelings of Hue people.

Ngo Mon Gate, together with the palace system inside Hoang Thanh, forms a complex and majestic architecture. From the ground, the hierarchy is built of long, open, but very discreet rocks in the platform, leading up to the Ngu Phung floor.


Coming to Hue, visiting Ngo Mon Gate and taking photos is something that no one tourists miss in their journey to this historic land.

If the Ngo Mon gate is a special highlight of the Hoang Thanh area, the Ngu Phung Floor is a very generous family. In any weather or temperature background, visitors walking upstairs to Ngu Phung floor also have a pleasant and cool feeling. This is also an open space for tourists with wide-eye view of the four directions to feel the imprint of Hue cultural history.

Besides the carvings or the architecture of the royal gate of the Ngu Phung floor, here you can also see the entire Imperial City and cannot help admire the planning skills of the old court for the panorama of Hue Citadel on the banks of the Perfume River. green.

Ky Dai

Ngo Mon Gate with Ngu Phung floor is the highlight of Hue city.

Along with Ngo Mon Gate, Ngu Phung Floor, Thai Hoa Palace, Ky Dai Hue are considered symbols of Hue Citadel because of its special outstanding position.

Ky Dai was built in the 6th year of Gia Long, ie 1807. After many remodeling, it has a shape to this day. Ky Dai is also known as the flagpole, located in the middle of the southern face of Hue Citadel, within the Nam Chanh fortress, which is also the place where the imperial flag is flown.

Quoc Tu Giam School

Ky Dai Hue is considered a symbol of Hue Citadel.

Quoc Tu Giam School has an important role in the history of education in our country because it was the first university built under the Nguyen Dynasty. This place gathered and trained many talents for the country at that time. Currently Quoc Tu Giam has become Hue museum, is a place to keep valuable artifacts of Hue through the ages.

Long An Palace

Long An Palace was built in 1845. This palace is the resting place of the king after conducting the Presidential Ceremony in every early spring every year. This is also the place where King Thieu Tri frequented to rest, read books or recite poetry.

Today, Long An Palace still preserves precious objects of the court. Admiring and understanding these artifacts will help people to have a better view of the lives of ancient kings.

This palace dedicated to the resting king was built in the same way as snails. The electric roof is covered with royal tile with overlapping matches. The match-neck strip is divided into each box to decorate drawings and poems on the lam phat plates. 197 poems drafted in a monotonic manner is one of the special features of Long An Palace.

Browse Thi Duong

Long An Palace is the most beautiful palace of Hue city.

Browse Thi Duong is the place to enjoy royal music, located right inside the Forbidden City. It can be seen as a theater specializing in performing ancient plays for the king and the royal family like and the great dignitaries of Hue Citadel .

It is known as the oldest theater in the Vietnamese theater industry. In recent years, Duyet Thi Duong has been restored and added more elegant performances of Hue court music to serve tourists and achieved very positive results, attracting many tourists.

Bao Vinh – The ‘secret’ old town between Hue Citadel

Duyet Thi Duong is the oldest theater in the Vietnamese theater industry.

On the Hue tourist map, maybe Bao Vinh Ancient Town is a rather strange name to many tourists. Bao Vinh ancient town from the middle of the seventeenth century to the nineteenth century is considered the busiest commercial area not only of Hue city but also of Dang Trong.

Bao Vinh ancient town is located on a romantic river.

The old town of Bao Vinh was still 39 houses from 150 to 200 years old, but now most of them have been eroded by time, only 15 old houses are scattered in Hue. However, the fairytale beauty of the old old houses nestled on the peaceful Huong River always gives viewers an indescribable feeling of lightheadedness. The special thing is that the people of God – the owner of Bao Vinh ancient houses are extremely friendly.

Many visitors here have expressed their respect and passion for the beauty of each street corner, the street of the old town. They are always led by local guides into each room in a time-colored house, telling stories that have become legends with delicate content, the province of Hue.

Traveling to Hue , tourists must definitely visit Hue Citadel because not only visit or admire the works bearing the imprint of ancient architecture but also to find back memories of a period of imperial feudalism of our country. , see the timeless beauty of the surviving works still exist in the present.

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How Much Beer Is In A Keg?

European keg sizes


GallonsVolumePintsBottleGrowlersImport keg13.21,690 ounces (50 l)105.6141


Wall keg

9.21.188 ounces (33.7 l)749918.5European half-barrel6.6845 ounces (25 l)5370


One Beer Size

As noted, you will get a different number of beers depending on your cup sizes. A standard pint contains 16 ounces (473 ml), but you can also have 12- or 14-ounces (355 – 414 ml) glasses at your party.

You can see typical red solo glasses of about 16 ounces (473 ml) at every college feast. However, a quick internet search will show you that you can also find models of 32 ounces (946 ml).

The bigger the glass, the lower the number of beers you can tap from a keg. Plan your guest list and decide on a drink card to avoid wasting beer. If you plan to offer other drinks, you will need approximately one beer per person every two hours.

Renting a Keg

Once you get familiar with keg sizes and determine the approximate number of drinks you need, it is time to consider whether renting a keg is a cost-effective option. Most kegs are returnable, and you only buy a beer. The exceptions are mini-kegs, which you can recycle after use.

Remember that renting a keg comes with a variety of additional expenses. You need to place a deposit, rent a tap, and pay for delivery. Plus, you will need to order a tub and ice bags.

All these expenses can top $100, depending on the place you order, whether you pick up the keg, and other factors. Many people believe that they will save money ordering a keg, but they often pay more than cans.

Keep in mind that your beer in the keg will go bad quickly if you don’t have a kegerator. On the other hand, you can always store the excess cans for the next gathering.

Tips for Using the Keg

Once you start the keg, there will be some wasted beer. You can expect the first few beers to have more foam than liquid, but the same happens when the keg is almost empty. However, there are some tips to reduce losses to a minimum and pour a perfect glass of beer.

Don’t shake a keg

Place a keg where it will stand for the rest of the evening, be it in a bathtub, a tub with ice, or a clean garbage can. Let it rest for at least an hour before you tap it.

That way, you will allow the foam formed during transport to settle. Any shaking, moving from place to place, or accidental knocking down will create excess foam. As a result, you will get less beer from it.

Use a kegerator

Kegerator can be pricey, but it will pay off if you buy kegs relatively often. Besides keeping your drink cold, it reduces the chance of the beer spoiling.

You can spend a ton of ice to cool a beer, but you can’t store leftovers for longer than a couple of days. Plus, many liquor stores will charge an additional fee if you don’t return the keg on time.


The amount of beer in a keg depends on its size. There are several keg types different in volume, so it is impossible to give just one answer. Plus, the beer serving dose determines how many drinks there are in one keg.

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